English Immersion Course

A very efficient way to improve your English is by entering an immersion course. It is called immersion because you are completely surrounded by or immersed in the English language. This means that English is not only the language that you are learning, it is also the language you use to learn.


As part of the English immersion course, everything you need to do, or solve during the course, you do in English. Instead of using your mother tongue to solve practical matters like having a break, needing an eraser, scheduling, making appointments, asking permission, you do this in English. Other practical tasks like, asking directions, ordering food and drinks in restaurants, Checking in and out of a hotel, in our course, are practised in simulations. This turns the course into hands-on training, you learn how to do something in English by doing it in English.


To make the English immersion courses more efficient even, we customise them to your needs. Some possibilities you can find here.

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